Italian Specialty Rice Varieties

Good because of tradition and innovation, Good because natural and healthy,
Good because they’re Special.



The possibilities that exist for using rice in the kitchen are really innumerable.
Just think, there are 140,000 varieties of rice in the world that are eaten every day as an entrée or main or even for dessert, delighting the palates of every population.
It is precisely from this immense variety, and the methods of use in the kitchen, that the Sapise Research Centre has, naturally, created its Specialty Rice.
With different characteristics in shape and nutritional elements for each one, Sapise Specialty Rice are suitable for preparing various dishes.



Created, grown, processed, and packaged exclusively in Italy by Sapise, through carefully selected, our Specialty Rice varieties are the result of tradition and innovation, love for the land, and respect for nature.
Their distinctive natural characteristics, aroma, and the absence of gluten, make our Speciality Rice varieties the perfect food for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, not only known in our country but also on tables around the world.
In addition, thanks to our excellent supply chain, we are able to offer you a product that can always be traced from its origin all the way to the table, ensuring the highest 100% Made in Italy quality.

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